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Foton Lovol FR60-7 Hydraulic Excavators
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  • Foton Lovol FR60-7 Hydraulic Excavators
Model:  FR60-7 Hydraulic Excavators
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Date of Validity:3000/12/30
Address: China Province City
Foton Lovol FR60-7 Hydraulic Excavators Features:

Engine power: 39Kw,Operating Weight: 5.5T,Bucket capacity: 0.18 m3

FR60-7 is a small-scale crawler hydraulic excavator successfully developed by Foton Lovol on the basis of full research to China’s market demands for small-scale excavator, construction requirements and customer’s usage characteristics. For this, Foton Lovol integrated several manufacturers’ strong points in 6t excavators, and purchased components from all around the world. Such excavator is applied in small-scale construction projects like pipeline digging, side slope trimming and agricultural, forestry and water conservancy projects.

Main features:
1. High-end product configuration: the main hydraulic components are purchased from all around the world, which ensures its sound performance and stability.
1) Imported Yanmar 4TNV94L engine
2) Imported main pump imported from KYB or Bosch Rexroth
3) Imported main control valve imported from KYB or Bosch Rexroth
2. Comfortable operation environment
1) The driver cab is wide, bright, elegant and unique, with national patent number: ZL2005300959829.
2) Equipped with folding sliding front window, the operation environment will be effectively improved once you open the window; and the vision will become wider.
3) The pedal can simultaneously control traveling system, with space broad and operation easy.
3. Convenient maintenance
1) 6t unique front hood and dual-step pedal are applicable for fuel filling and maintenance.
2) The main valve space is open, and the main valve system can be maintained once you open the front hood.




Parameter ItemsParameter Value
Relief valve 
Boom, arm, bucket245bar(250kɡf/c㎡)
Travel circle245bar(250kɡf/c㎡)
Performance parameter 
Rated power(kW/rpm)39/2200
Operating weight(Kɡ)5730
Standard bucket capacity(m3)0.2
Slewing speed(Rpm)10.5
Traveling speed(km/h)4.4/3.0
Bucket digging force(KN)42.5
Arm digging force(KN)31
Maximum traction force(KN)46
Creeping performance O34
System capacity 
Fuel tank(kL)120
Hydraulic tan(kL)90
Blade size(W×H)(mm)1880×366
Ground pressure(Kpa)32
Main size 
A、Overall width of upper part(mm)1820
B、Overall width of driver cab(mm)955
C、Overall height of driver cab(mm)2650
D、Minimum ground clearance(mm)330
E、Track gauge(mm)1480
F、Overall width of crawler(mm)1880
G、distance between the center of guiding wheel and that of driving wheel(mm)1990
H、Crawler length(mm)2530
I、Level height of balance weight(mm)718
J、Full length(mm)5990
Operation range 
Boom length(mm)3100
Arm length(mm)1500
A、Maximum digging range(mm)6110
B、Maximum digging depth(mm)3935
C、Maximum digging height(mm)5330
D、Maximum dumping height(mm)3640
Hydraulic system 
Main pump 
TypeVariable displacement axial piston pump
Maximum flow rate2×59.2L/min(2×14.5USɡPm)
Pilot pump 
TypeGear Pump
Maximum flow rate10.78L/min(3.8USɡPm)
Swing motor 
Relief valve206bar(210kɡf/c㎡)
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Foton Lovol Crawler Excavator 

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Foton Lovol FR60-7 Hydraulic Excavators

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